SCOLIOS-US: Putting the "US" in Scoliosis


Putting the "US" in Scoliosis!
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Watch our VIDEO

Our “Welcome to Scoliosis Bracing” video gives you an honest look into bracing from the people who are living it.



These resources are a great place to look for information, help, and support along your scoliosis journey!

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Visit our blog page

See what people like you are saying about living life with scoliosis! You can even become one of our bloggers!



Being diagnosed with scoliosis can be a bit overwhelming. Click for more info about bracing, PT, surgery, & more.

Navigating scoliosis is not always easy, but it sure is easier with someone cheering you on. Our Scolios-us Mentor Program offers you the opportunity to connect with a mentor who can help cheer you on as you navigate your scoliosis journey. Sign up today and join our Mentor Program community!

What is Scolios-us?

Scolios-us is a nonprofit organization intended to empower scoliosis patients and the healthcare providers treating them.

What is Scolios-us? YouTube play

The scolios-us TEAM

Megan Glahn Castille, CPO/LPO

Scolios-us Founder & President
Megan founded Scolios-us in 2016 and now serves as President. As the founder of Scolios-us, she has had the opportunity to present Scolios-us research at national and international conferences.

Kelly Grimes, Scoliosis PT

Exercise and PT Consultant
Kelly Grimes has been a physiotherapist for 14 years and has spent the last 6 years immersed in the world of scoliosis. Kelly is trained at the C2 level of the BSPTS Concept by Rigo method and Level 2 of the SEAS approach.

Jocie Zenner Strom, CPO

Mentee Coordinator
Jocie is a Certified Orthotist/Prosthetist and serves as our Mentee Coordinator. She was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was in middle school, and she went through two years of bracing treatment.


The Motivation for Scolios-us
You are at the heart and soul of Scolios-us. Our mission is to guide YOU through treatment by giving you an authentic look into scoliosis bracing and surgery. We strive to help you feel included and welcomed into the Scolios-us community, creating a social support network.


Want to be a role model to kids and teens as they navigate the world of scoliosis? Sign up to become an official Scolios-us Mentor!

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Prioritizing Your Mental Health

Your scoliosis journey is often filled withs lots of ups and downs. We want you to celebrate your ups, but also take care of your mental health during the downs. All of us face stress and anxiousness at one point or another. These feelings are completely normal, but we want you to be able to work through these emotions in a positive way. Scolios-us is here to help you prioritize your mental health. Below are some ways that you can take care of your mind.

1. Participate in THE EMPOWER HOUR

Join The Empower Hour and connect with other kids and teens just like you, while learning all the skills you need to thrive with scoliosis. The fabulous mental health providers leading The Empower Hour sessions will keep the discussions informative, positive, but, most importantly, fun. You’ll learn practical strategies that will help you conquer anything life throws your way. The sessions are online and after school to make it easy for you to participate.

2. Connect with someone just like you

Join our Scolios-us Mentor Program! Our Mentor Program gives you the opportunity to connect with a mentor who can help cheer you on as you navigate scoliosis. You can join the group as a mentor, mentee, or group member. As a mentor, you will be a role model for your mentees and support them along their journey. As a mentee, you are connected with one mentor who will help you through your good and bad days. As a group member, you'll join our group chat and connect with all of our Mentor Program participants.

3. Talk to a Mental Health Provider

Sometimes, just talking about how you’re feeling makes you feel better. We've created a network of mental health providers who are knowledgeable about scoliosis. There's a quote from Fred Rogers that sums up the power of counseling: "When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary." Click to find mental health providers who have undergone training on the physical and psychosocial impact of scoliosis.

4. Find scoliosis resources that speak to you

There are so many incredible scoliosis resources out there. You just need to know where to look! Check out our Resources Page and find over 50 scoliosis-specific resources, ranging from support groups to braced Higgy Bears to financial and family support. This page is a great place to look for information, help, and support along your scoliosis journey!

5. Exercise

Find an activity that you enjoy doing and put your energy into it. You may be surprised how much better you feel at the end of it!  According to the American Heart Association, exercise can:

✔ Reduce stress and improve relaxation
✔ Improve your mood
✔ Clear your mind
✔ Improve your immune system
✔ Help you sleep better
✔ Improve your self esteem

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