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Putting the "Us" in Scoliosis Bracing!
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The purpose of our video, “Welcome to Scoliosis Bracing with Scolios-us,” video is to give you an honest look into scoliosis bracing from people who are living it.

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learn about brace wear and care

Being measured and fit with your scoliosis brace can be a bit overwhelming. If you don’t remember everything, don’t sweat it. We’ve got the info here!

Did you know that one research study was forced to stop early because bracing was shown to be so effective!

What is Scolios-us?

Scolios-us is a web-based platform intended to empower scoliosis patients with the tools and resources they need to be successful brace-wearers.

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The scolios-us TEAM

Megan Glahn, CO/LO

Scolios-us Founder
Megan received her Master’s Degree from Baylor College of Medicine’s O&P Program. She is a Certified Orthotist and has specialized in scoliosis bracing. She hopes that Scolios-us will ease your transition into bracing and help you feel supported and embraced.

Rosemary Marchese, PT

Exercise and PT Consultant
Rosemary is a physiotherapist with twenty years of experience in physiotherapy, fitness consulting and training. She has a passion for the physical treatment of scoliosis and is certified in the BSPTS Schroth Method and in SEAS.

Baylor College of Medicine

University Sponsor
As an Orthotics and Prosthetics student, Baylor College of Medicine has opened to door to so many opportunities that have made Scolios-us possible and successful.


The Motivation for Scolios-us
Without you, Scolios-us means nothing! The entire mission of this project is to make YOUR scoliosis journey easier by better preparing you to wear your brace and by connecting you with some great scoliosis-specific resources.


Want to connect with scoli patients just like you and help each other through the bracing process? Visit our discussion board!

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Fighting Scoliosis Together - Brooke's Story

Hi! My name is Brooke ,and I am 13 years old from Alberta, Canada. I was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in May of 2018 when I was 11. I was sent to get an x-ray a few days later. At this point, I just felt extremely unlucky. I knew that there were way worse things that could have happened to me, but out of everyone I knew, I had to be the one with a medical condition. After receiving an x-ray, my local chiropractor called my mom and told her that I had a 27 degree right thoracic curve and a 24-degree left lumbar curve.

We hoped that they would be mild, not moderate or severe. But luckily, we still caught it early enough to effectively treat it. So, I was then sent to another chiropractor in a city two hours away, where I was put into a brace 20 hours a day for four(ish) years. I have a Scolibrace which doesn’t just hold your curve in its place, but it also corrects it. I also had to go to my city chiro for 4 days, for an intensive Schroth program. There I received shock wave therapy, Scoliroll treatment, and traction table treatment. In January 2019, I found out that my right curve progressed from 27 to 35 degrees and my left decreased from 24 to 21. I also got a new brace ordered at this time because I grew out of my old one. And then my x-ray in August showed an improvement from 35 to 30 on the right and from 21 to 19 on the left.

I have a Instagram scoliosis support page called which recently hit 900 followers! I also help run a group account called @_scoliosis.fighters_ with 4 other girls. On my group account, we are currently looking for some scoliosis stories to post, so if you would like to be featured on our page, please dm us! You are also welcome to dm my page to talk to me! Thank you for reading my story!