July 2, 2020

2020 Brace Design Contest

2020 Brace Design Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted a design in 2020 for Scoliosis Awareness Month! We will announce the winners during the week of July 6th! Stay tuned for our 4th Annual Brace Design Contest coming in June 2021!

11 & Under Winners

Congrats to our 2020 11 & Under Brace Design Contest Winners! To view the designs larger, open the image in a new tab!

1st Place: ASHLYN

2nd Place: HARPER

3rd Place: SYLVIE

12 & Up Winners

We had a three-way tie for 2nd Place, so congrats to our four 2020 12 & Up Brace Design Contest Winners! To view the designs larger, open them in a new tab!

1st Place: CADYLEIGH

2nd Place: KYLIE

2nd Place: JASMINE

2nd Place: ALI

Meet Our 2020 Brace Design Contest Judges

All three of our judges are scoliosis experts. They have dedicated much of their careers to bettering care for scoliosis patients, and we are honored to have them as our judges. Thank you to Stephanie Romero, Jonathan Taylor, and Elisabetta D'Agata for graciously donating their time and effort to our contest!


Stephanie has 11 years of experience in orthotics and prosthetics and has specialized in scoliosis since early in her career.  She is currently living in Colorado and runs a scoliosis clinic in the Denver/Boulder area. Her passion within her job is teaching and mentoring other orthotists. Outside of work enjoys spending time with her two daughters and gardening.


Jonathan Taylor has over 18 years of expertise in Orthotics and Prosthetics, maintaining a primary focus on pediatric orthotics and specializing in the orthotic management of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. He has held executive roles with major spinal brace manufacturers, research and development, and business development. He now heads the Research/Development and Clinical Education programs at Spinal Technology, Inc.


Dr. Elisabetta D’Agata is an expert psychologist in the field of scoliosis, strongly motivated in her work by her personal experience as a patient. As a clinical psychologist, she has managed the Adolescent Scoliosis Group for emotional and body expression for 5 years and she has been working in her private practice (including patients with scoliosis) since 2011. She also loves art, nature and traveling.

2020 Brace Design Contest Submissions

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a design this year. Your strength and positivity are inspirations to us all. Take a look at all of the submissions below and stay tuned for our 3rd Annual Brace Design Contest coming in June of 2021!


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