Evie’s Bracing Success

Evie’s Bracing Success

When I was in 5th grade, my gymnastics coach first spotted my scoliosis. I was then diagnosed with around a 40° lumbar curve and 22° thoracic curve in my spine and was placed in a Boston brace that I wore 20 hours a day. I remember the first thing I did was tell my friends to punch me in the stomach because my brace made me invincible. After a year in my Boston brace, I went to the National Scoliosis Center and got fitted for my first Rigo Cheneau brace.

I’ve worn three Rigo Cheneau braces, totaling four braces in six years. I’ve always tried to stay positive throughout my journey with scoliosis, but it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve dealt with back pain and I’ve missed out on some fun parts in life because my brace could only be off for four hours a day. After six long years, I finally made it out on the other side. In May of 2020, I finished growing and no longer needed to wear my brace. There is so much freedom knowing I can finally wear whatever I want, and I no longer have to worry about how long my brace has been off!

However, I’m grateful for all that I’ve learned from wearing my brace. I’ve learned what real strength is, and I’m proud of what I’ve overcome. I’ve spent the last six years teaching others about scoliosis and teaching myself how to love my body. From a young age, I had to decide whether I wanted to take the easy way out and ignore my brace and doctors, or if I could find the strength within me to wear my brace knowing I’d be better for it later on. I chose to be strong, and I’m glad I did.

My journey is far from over as I’ll have to maintain back strength to prevent my curve from worsening for the rest of my life, but I now know that I have the strength to carry on – that I’m bent and not broken.


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JUNE IS SCOLIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH! Click to see how we're celebrating!

JUNE IS SCOLIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH! Click to see how we’re celebrating!

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