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My name is Gwen, and I have been wearing a Brace for 5 years. I am a total pro now! I had a tethered spinal cord, and after I had surgery to fix that, I got my first brace. I am 9 years old now, and wearing my third brace (you have to get new ones as you grow).

If you are new with the brace, do not make a huge deal about it. Sometimes, I forget I am even wearing my Brace. If anything, it feels weird the first week or so, but it’s just because your body is getting used to the Brace.

It helps to make friends with the school nurse. My mom and I had a meeting with the school nurse before I started school. That way, when things were quiet, we could show her how I put it on and what to do if I get a sore spot, or something. After 4 years visiting my school nurse everyday, we are great pals, now!

The clothes I like the most are lularoe leggings or target leggings.
Long shirts or hoodies are good, because if your pants slip down a little, then no one sees your business.
Always have pants that are a tiny bit tight with your Brace on so,when you have when your Brace off(for example, gym class or playing outside after school) the pants don’t fall down because that would be embarassing!

I am hoping to hear from other people that wear a brace, because I am the only one that I know.

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Get ahead of the curve and sign up for The Empower Hour!
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