Hailey’s Road to Bracing

Hailey’s Road to Bracing

My name is Hailey, and this is my story! I am 12 years old, and I am from Hickman, Nebraska. I discovered I have scoliosis about 2 and a half years ago, but did not start bracing until this summer when my top curve reached 48 degrees and my bottom curve reached 36 degrees.

At first, my medical team thought I had something pushing and curving my spine. They ordered a full back scan, which took 3 hours, but I got to listen to my favorite music artist! After about a week, they got the results and said there was nothing out of the ordinary. I thought that was weird because no one in my family has scoliosis, so I just thought God created me special.

About 3 weeks later, we went in to get the measurements for my brace! It was quick  and easy, and it only took 15 minutes. About 2 weeks later, they said my brace was ready. My doctor choose to do the Boston style with Velcro in the back. I choose the design with ballerinas on it because I am a dancer.

After I got used to wearing it, I became comfortable wearing my brace on the outside my clothes and in public. But I was always so sweaty, so I had to change clothes! About a week before school stated, I became tired of having to change 3 time a day, so I switched back to wearing my brace under my clothes.

When school came around, I got nervous because I did not know what to do! I was scared that the whole school knew I had scoliosis and would tease me. On the first day, I was surprised  to find out that only my close friends knew about it. People began seeing my brace and asked me about. I  always said I had to wear a brace because I have scoliosis, and, surprising, almost all of them were supportive!

So on the 4th day of school, I was comfortable enough to wear it outside of my clothes. I was really excited because most people supported and helped me if I needed it. Even though a few people laughed and said mean things, I just ignored it. My biggest supporters are my friends and family because they have helped me when I’ve needed it, and they’ve paid my medical bills.  Even thought I still have a very long brace journey, I think God and everyone else will be able to help me through!


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JUNE IS SCOLIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH! Click to see how we're celebrating!

JUNE IS SCOLIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH! Click to see how we’re celebrating!

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