How Does Bracing Make You Feel?

Bad Sobernheim Stress Questionnaire

Welcome to the Bad Sobernheim Stress Questionnaire (BSSQ-Brace)

These questions are about how you feel while wearing a brace. Please read this questionnaire carefully and answer truthfully. This questionnaire makes it easier for you to recognize any psychological stress caused by your brace. Your results will be shown on the next page.

1. I feel uncomfortable by the appearance of my body in the brace.
2. It is hard for me to be open with my brace.
3. I feel uncomfortable in situations where other people can see my brace.
4. I don’t feel embarrassed when people see my brace.
5. I avoid body contact so that no-one knows that I wear a brace.
6. When deciding what kind of clothes to wear or how to wear my hair, I try to make sure my brace is hidden.
7. I don’t feel embarrassed to show my brace to people close to me (parents, friends and schoolfriends).
8. Because of my brace I avoid activities/hobbies, which otherwise I love to do.

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