I Am Perfectly Imperfect – Addison’s Journey

I Am Perfectly Imperfect – Addison’s Journey

I’m perfectly imperfect! I was diagnosed at 12 years old with scoliosis, and I am 13 now. At first I thought my brace should be hidden and no one should see it.


But then I realized who cares – I am who I am and I don’t care. So I put a lot of stickers all over my brace. My friends and family try it on all the time. I want to show people that I show off my brace. I love my stickers and they all have a great meaning behind them.

I do Curvy Girls, which helps me so much. I see girls with colored braces and designed braces, but mine has stickers. So show it off! Put stickers on your imperfection.

Stickers on Stickers - Does your Brace Tell a Story? YouTube play

I am perfectly imperfect.

– Addison



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