April 3, 2021




My name is Juliette, and I am 17-years-old. I  was diagnosed with scoliosis in second grade, and I began my back brace journey in 5th grade. I wore a scoliosis brace from 5th grade to 10th grade and then I graduated out of my brace! When I first got my back brace I struggled to find clothing that would hide my brace. Though, as I  became more confident in wearing my brace I no longer cared if my brace would show out of my shirt. I started to embrace the scoliosis community that I had unknowingly joined, and I got to meet and befriend many brace wearers with their own unique stories.

I chose to become a Team Leader because I  want to help other people along their brace journey, who might not know anyone else wearing a brace at their school or in their community. Having someone to talk to who understands the struggles of wearing a scoliosis brace can be really helpful.

In my free time, I like to paint and draw, play lacrosse, and listen to music. I  am looking forward to getting to know my team!!


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