WCR Bracing, Schroth, and Curvy Girls – Kylie’s Journey

Kylie’s Scoliosis Journey

Hi! I’m Kylie. I live in Bossier City, Louisiana. I’m ten years old and I have scoliosis. I was first diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 7. At first, they just watched and waited to see what my back was going to do. It progressed a little between appointments but not too much. When I was 9, my curves progressed like crazy really fast and I had to get a brace. The doctor originally prescribed me a brace made at their hospital but my mom looked very hard and found me a clinic with a different kind of brace, Align Clinic! Mr. Grant Wood makes a brace called the WCR brace that has a lot of benefits my mom thought would be good for me. I see them in College Station, Texas! Before I got my very first brace, I actually wasn’t nervous at all. I was excited to see what my brace looked like and what the results would be. When I first got fitted, I actually became a little nervous because it was tight and my body wasn’t used to it! I had to sleep in a hotel in it that night and it was a little weird. My orthotist in Texas, Mr. Emery, made adjustments the next day and then it felt good! I was able to wear it all day right away.

I also started Schroth therapy at my first brace appointment so it was a lot to take in! At first, we only had my therapist in Texas so I would only go every couple of months. But then I got a therapist where I live and I did a ton of PT! It was hard at first and I got really tired sometimes, but I still worked really hard. I got stall bars and straps and all sorts of crazy supplies at home. My favorite exercise to do is long hanging! It actually feels good for my back and it’s fun and it makes my back muscles strong!

Right after getting my brace, my mom started driving me to Dallas for Curvy Girls meetings. It was one of the best things for me. I got to be with other girls that could give me all sorts of information about living with scoliosis. They were girls like me, with scoliosis, some had braces and some had had surgery and we are all different but alike. It always gives me a mood boost and makes me feel normal! I have a group at home now too, but I love Curvy Girls so much that we participate in both groups!

(Mom side note: Being involved with Curvy Girls has also been invaluable to me as Kylie’s mom! I have met so many wonderful moms and girls that have provided us with priceless support, information, and camaraderie.)

I had my one year brace-a-versary back in April and we got news that we had been hoping for… my curves were so much smaller! I still have a long ways to go wearing a brace but seeing that it’s possible made it all worth it. My scoliosis journey has had ups and downs but has really been a positive journey for me because it’s allowed me to meet so many great people. It’s also given me a way to reach out to people and help when I can! Scoliosis can be scary but it’s made me a stronger person.

If I could tell people one thing about scoliosis, it’s that we need more awareness so people know what to look for and when! Finding it early is the best way to make your curves smaller!


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2 thoughts on “WCR Bracing, Schroth, and Curvy Girls – Kylie’s Journey

  • HI, liked your story.It’s great that you got such an improvement. I don’t have a brace yet I am doing PT and have an appointment soon. I am 11 years old

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