April 3, 2021



Hey!! My name is Madison! I’m 17, I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 8. I started with wearing a brace and had two braces over the span of a few years. Bracing wasn’t really working out for me, so in December 2018, my doctor told me it’s time to start thinking about surgery since my curve kept progressing. I went to another doctor for receive a second opinion, and he agreed I should have surgery in the next year. In July 2019, I had spinal fusion and I’m now fused T6-T12!!

I wanted to be a Team Leader because I remember being a little 9 year old with my scoliosis brace and always afraid someone would see my brace or that my friends would find out. I want to be the person that encourages girls to be proud of who they are and this condition they have and see that it isn’t anything to be  afraid or embarrassed of. I’m looking forward to helping scoli-warriors everywhere!!

In my free time I enjoy riding my bike, drawing, gymnastics, and being outdoors with my friends and family!


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