October 23, 2023

Mental Health Initiatives

Mental Health Initiatives

At Scolios-us, our goal is to empower kids and teens with scoliosis and the healthcare providers treating them. That is exactly what our Mental Health Initiatives are designed to do. Click on the photos below to learn more about each initiative.

Initiatives for Kids & Teens with Scoliosis

The Empower Hour

The Empower Hour is a virtual, educational program designed for kids and teens with scoliosis and led by mental health providers. Why is this important? Because scoliosis is tough but you are tougher. Finding out about your scoliosis can bring up a lot of emotions, which is completely normal and expected. We want you to be able to work through these thoughts in a fun and positive way with other kids and teens just like you.

Find a Scoliosis Mental Health Provider

We are creating a network of mental health providers who are knowledgeable about scoliosis. That way, if you want to talk to someone, you can find someone in your area using our Find a Provider page.

Initiatives for Providers

Mental Health Provider Trainings

We've designed a three-level course to help mental health professionals provide the best care to individuals with scoliosis. The program is designed and led by renowned scoliosis psychologist, Dr. Elisabetta D'Agata, and by Scolios-us Founder, Megan Glahn Castille.

Courses for Orthotists

We've created a 2-hour online, asynchronous course for orthotists to help them support their patients. Orthotists play a key role in the scoliosis experience, and sometimes orthotists are perceived as the "bad guys" because they are providing the brace. We want to help orthotists create the best possible experience for their patients.

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