My Biggest Supporter

Aika’s Adventures: My Biggest Supporter

My name is Aika. I was diagnosed with scoliosis a month after my 11th birthday. I was scared when I first heard but then was quickly relieved. My biggest supporter, my mother, is a scoliosis success story, although during her journey, she had days where she did not feel that way!  My mom went through many treatment paths – electrode stimulation, bracing for over 10 years, full T/L spine CD rod implantation with fusion, 2nd surgery for slight instrumentation adjustment, and did it all before amazing support groups such as Scolios-Us or Curvy Girls were around.

My mom went through this from 1980-1990s, and she was quick to share that SOOOO much has changed and there have been so many advances since her journey.  Having my mom in my corner helped me to emBRACE my journey. Some of her best advice so far is to remember this is my journey. She is hear to share her story, but I will not necessarily follow her path since all curves are unique. She says to ask questions and speak up when you have discomfort, look for positives in each challenge, and to always know that your spine may be bent, but you as a person are DEFINITELY not broken!   Having my mom who has gone through this journey shows me that I too can become strong. If I choose to give it my all, I will be able to say, “I did all I could have in my treatment and that is how my journey turned out.”


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