May 16, 2020

No Schroth Physiotherapist in Your Area? What Now?

No Schroth Physiotherapist in Your Area? What Now?

By Rosemary Marchese (Physiotherapist, Schroth and SEAS methods for Scoliosis)

Schroth Physiotherapists can be found all around the world. However there is definitely more need in some areas. It might be frustrating if you find yourself with Scoliosis and in need of a Schroth physiotherapist and you can’t find one. There may be some other options however!

Finding a Schroth Physiotherapist

Before giving up, make sure you have checked directories for a Schroth physiotherapist. Schroth started in the 1900s but it has evolved and there is now more than one branch of Schroth. It would be a good idea to check directories in this area. Two such directories include the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS) and International Schroth Three Dimensional Scoliosis Therapy (ISST)

Intensive sessions

If you are willing to do a little travel, you could find your nearest Schroth Physiotherapist and organise an intensive protocol. This happens when you visit the clinic for several days, sometimes even weeks, in a row. You could stay local to the area and be trained in the method in an intensive manner. Then you go home and practice.

Telehealth Sessions may be an option 

The recent pandemic of Covid-19 has made a lot of physiotherapists think outside the square. This has resulted in a lot more Telehealth options being available. You could be able to seek help from someone further away. It may be better to see them in person first, but then you may be able to do some follow up sessions beyond this online.

No luck?

If none of the suggestions above work for you then it is going to be time to think outside the square. There may be another form of Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises (PSSE) nearby to you. PSSE are exercises that are specific to Scoliosis and are provided by Physiotherapists specifically trained in one of the schools outlined in the SOSORT guidelines. SOSORT stands for the International Society of Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment. That organisation provides guidelines on bracing and therapy. The SEAS (Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis) is one form of PSSE commonly practiced around the world.

No matter which avenue you take it’s important to find a Physiotherapist specifically trained in this area. Good luck!

About Rosemary

Rosemary is a physiotherapist with twenty years of experience in physiotherapy, fitness consulting and training. After years of practicing physiotherapy, her passion grew for the physical treatment of Scoliosis. So, she traveled to New York to become certified in the BSPTS Schroth Method of Scoliosis treatment under the Barcelona School of Physical Therapy. She followed this up by attaining the BSPTS C2 Advanced certification in New York. She has traveled overseas multiple times for conferences and further learning including Dubrovnik, San Francisco, Milan and Barcelona. Rosemary is also certified in the Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS).


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JUNE IS SCOLIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH! Click to see how we’re celebrating!

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