July 9, 2018

Questions to Ask Your Orthotist

Questions to Ask Your Orthotist

Being measured and fit with your brace can be an overwhelming experience. You may forget to ask questions or not even know what to ask. Here is a list of questions to get you started.

  • Is bracing commonly used for my curve type?
  • What brace design will I be fit with and why?
  • What is the success rate of bracing for patients with my condition?
  • Is there a break-in-schedule that I should follow to get used to my brace?
  • How do I put on and remove the brace if no-one is there to help?
  • Can I continue my daily activities while wearing my brace?
  • How should I clean my brace?
  • Are there any clothing considerations I should take into account when wearing my brace?

When you are being evaluated and fit with your brace, be honest with your orthotist. If your brace is hurting in a certain area, tell your orthotist so that he or she can adjust the brace to make it more comfortable. Bring up any concerns that you have about wearing your scoliosis brace. For example, if you are an athlete and know that you will have to take your brace off for practice, discuss how you can arrange your schedule to meet your wear-time goals.


Are you new to bracing or preparing for scoli surgery? Get matched with a Scolios-us Mentor! 

Are you new to bracing or preparing for surgery?Get matched with a Scolios-us Mentor!