July 21, 2018


Welcome to Our Resources Page

These resources are a great place to look for information, help, and support along your scoliosis journey! Whether you want to connect with bracers in a support group, find a custom brace to fit your favorite stuffed animal, or follow other bracers' journeys, Scolios-us has got you covered. We try to keep our list of resources as comprehensive as possible, but we know that it is never truly complete. If you've found a great resource that isn't on this list, let us know so we can learn more about it!


Support Groups

Curvy Girls Scoliosis Support Groups

“Curvy Girls is a network of peer-led support groups that reduce the emotional impact of scoliosis by empowering girls through mutual support and acceptance to become leaders, make healthy lifestyle choices, and improve self-esteem.”

Cyberscoli Online Support Group

"Cyberscoli is an online support group for people dealing with scoliosis. As I struggled through various phases of scoliosis, I often felt confused and alone. I created cyberscoli so that everyone dealing with scoliosis could have that support system and community."

Curves of Growth

Curves of Growth is a student-run organization that strives to provide children and teens who are newly-diagnosed scoliosis with a safe community to grow and connect with. We have a wonderful team of experienced scoliosis mentors and encouraging support friends to lead you toward embracing your condition and realizing how much of a scoliosis warrior you truly are!

Scoliosis Books, Blogs, and Bears


The first contemporary novel about a disorder that bends the lives of ten percent of all teenagers: scoliosis. Braced was inspired by author Alyson Gerber’s own scoliosis journey and experiences with bracing. Read along as Rachel Brooks finds out that she has to wear a brace for her scoliosis. "But as Rachel confronts all the challenges the brace presents, the biggest change of all may lie in how she sees herself."

Higgy Bears & Friends

“I was inspired to make Higgy Bears so no one else with scoliosis will have to feel alone and go through what I did. I want to make you that every child out there has a friend just like them to share their scoliosis journey with!” – Lauren Higginson, CEO and Founder

Back to Blog

"Through my blog, Back to Blog, I hope to not only impact those with scoliosis but eliminate the general stigma around talking about one's disease or disability. Prior to my freshman year of high school, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, and this sudden news in addition to the nerves of entering high school took a toll on my self esteem. My goal with this blog is to inform and inspire others with scoliosis as well as act as a sister to those who have no one to turn to." - Tatum

Life is an Adventure

My name is Colette! I enjoy running, photography and baking! I have done many 5ks, a two 10ks, and ran my 1st half marathon before scoliosis surgery in May 2017! I participate in track and cross country. This blog is about my journey with an upcoming scoliosis spinal fusion and how I’m doing after!

Beyond Scoliosis Blog

“Living with Scoliosis is no easy feat. At times, it can feel like your Scoliosis has control over your life, occupying your mind at every waking moment. No matter where you are, how your feeling, or who you want to become – I’m committed to helping you find power over your pain and live your life to the fullest.” – Cherie, Beyond Scoliosis Author and Founder

"Brace Yourself" Blog

“Hey, I’m Katie! This is my experience with scoliosis, and I want to help any of you who have it by providing some tips and helping you know what to expect from bracing to surgery. So when life throws you a curve… brace yourself!”

Forever Fierce

Forever Fierce's mission is to raise awareness for physical and mental health while supporting teens on their wellness journeys.

The Scoliosaurus

The Scoliosaurus is a story about the courageous T rex Sonny that finds out he has the condition scoliosis, helped along the way by his supportive family and friends.


Scoliosis twists Deenie's plans for seventh grade in this classic Judy Blume novel with a fresh new look.

Brace Wear Trackers


BraceTrack is a time-tracking app for scoliosis braces which allows users to record their brace time, track banked hours, view bracing trends graphically, and set up auto reporting of achieved braced time.

Scolios-us Brace Journals

Your Scolios-us Brace Journal not only  helps you track your brace wear, but also helps you track how you are feeling about bracing and everything else.  Your journal also functions as your yearly planner, with goal setting opportunities and lots of space for reflection and note-taking!


ScolioBend is a nonprofit company designed to support scoliosis patients with the resources and mutual emotional support they need to succeed. With everything made by scoliosis fighters for scoliosis fighters, we hope to inspire everyone that you are bent to be strong!


Scolios-us Bracing Video

The purpose of our Welcome to Scoliosis Bracing video is to give you an honest look into scoliosis bracing from people who are living it.


We are a group of girls with scoliosis sharing our experiences about VBT, ASC, Spinal fusion, bracing, and so much more!

Malia Jade's YouTube Videos

Malia Jade shares great scoliosis bracing information on her YouTube channel. Her videos can be a fantastic resource as you begin bracing. She has over 5,500 subscribers and almost half a million views, so you know she’s sharing some great stuff!

Counseling Services

Elisabetta D'Agata, PhD

Dr. Elisabetta D'Agata is an Italian psychologist and psychotherapist who has been studying and treating patients with idiopathic scoliosis for more than ten years. Her own history with scoliosis pushed her to enter this area of study. She knows that a patient with scoliosis is more than his or her Cobb angle. She performs counseling sessions over Skype and can be contacted by email at [email protected].

National Scoliosis Foundation

“The National Scoliosis Foundation (NSF) is a patient-led nonprofit organization dedicated since 1976 to helping children, parents, adults, and health-care providers to understand the complexities of spinal deformities such as scoliosis. We also provide comprehensive education and support for patients and healthcare professionals through videos, books, brochures, local chapters, conferences, and postural screening training sessions.”

What to Wear

Hope's Closet

Hope's Embrace, our inaugural product, is a cute and comfortable brace undershirt, worn under a scoliosis brace to prevent chafing and perspiration. Our mission is to empower youth with idiopathic scoliosis by boosting confidence, self-esteem, and brace compliance.

Brace Buddies Body Socks

"At Brace Buddies, our hope is to support brace wearers by providing improved protection, comfort and more clothing options to increase confidence, and encourage brace compliance as brace wearers “find and live their new normal” during the bracing process. Brace Buddies wants to help you embrace your brace so it can work for you.”

EmBraced In Comfort

EmBraced In Comfort was started in 2009 by Tina Beauvais in response to her daughter's need for more comfortable and functional undergarments to wear under her Scoliosis Brace.


Unlike backpacks or messenger bags, BackTpack, with its balanced side bags, applies the load to the body’s vertical axis, thereby eliminating posture distortion and decreasing the effort required to carry the load, in obedience to the laws of physics. The load feels lighter and you stand straighter.

Embrace Bags

Our mission is to provide insecure scoliosis patients with the remedy for hiding their bulky back braces, in a trendy fashion. Simultaneously, these bags will empower young patients to carry their braces with courage, pride and style, now unafraid of others noticing their braces.  Plus, we donate 15% of our profits to Stand Tall International, an organization that funds life saving spinal surgeries for children in East Africa.


So many bracers are sharing their experiences on Instagram! If you are on social media, Instagram can be an excellent way to connect with other bracers who are experiencing the same things as you. You may even want to share your insight on Instagram and help start conversations about scoliosis. A great way to get started is to search #scoliosis or find accounts with "scoliosis" in the name.

Scoliosis Fashion Pages

Scolios-us currently has two pages - one for women's fashion and one for men's. While our page offers some great advice, there are many many other pages, as well. Pinterest offers some great fashion advice for dressing with your brace! Our biggest piece of advice is to own your scoliosis. Wear whatever clothes make you feel confident!

Scoliosis Physical Therapy and Scoliosis Exercises

Find a Schroth Therapist Near You

This directory is an up-to-date list of BSPTS SBI trained physical therapists who practice in the US and internationally.

Scoliosis Spine Online Learning

We are delivering engaging online learning for healthcare professionals in the field of scoliosis and spinal conditions. Our target audience is the healthcare community, but we have found that many families and patients want to learn so they can make informed decisions. Our certified teachers and practitioners include the world’s foremost authorities in their respective fields.

TSC Connect

Powered by the ScoliClinic and Scoliosis Collective, TSC Connect was created with the intention of increasing accessibility to scoliosis-specific information. We want to share knowledge on a free platform that anyone around the world can connect to!

Scoliosis Warrior Workout Guide

“This guide is dedicated to anyone who has ever suffered physical and emotional pain because of Scoliosis. Rather than letting your Scoliosis define what you can and cannot do, use it as a tool to empower yourself. You are way more capable than you think you are. The process will require patience and consistency- there will be good days and bad days- but the payoff is so worthwhile. Lets build the body of a warrior!” – Eva Butterly

Schroth Method

Schroth Method is a type of physical therapy aimed at elongating and derotating your spine. Schroth must be performed by a certified physical therapist, as the exercises are customized for your unique spinal deformation. The method teaches you how to correct spinal rotation and increase lung capacity, restore normal spinal position, and improve your posture during routine daily living, not just during therapy.

Surgery Information

Scoliosis Surgery Information

Sometimes, surgery cannot be avoided. Some curves are just aggressive, and some are already at a surgical magnitude when they are first discovered. We want you to feel supported during every part of your scoliosis journey. Here, you will find some information about what to expect going into your scoliosis surgery.

Support for Families

Scoliosis Family Adventures

Scoliosis Family Adventures is a blog page supporting families of scoliosis patients. It is run by Tina Beauvais, who is a mother of 2 Scoliosis patients and a wife to another.  She is also the founder of EmBraced In Comfort.

Embraced - Scoliosis Bracing Support For Parents

"This group was created to help support families currently using bracing to treat scoliosis and to provide them with a forum for sharing bracing experiences." - Embraced Facebook Page

Educational Scoliosis Information

Setting Scoliosis Straight

Setting Scoliosis Straight is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to empowering families impacted by scoliosis through education, connection, and research. Our mission is to support discoveries and advance techniques in the treatment of spinal deformities in children and adolescents worldwide.

Scoliosis Spine Online Learning

We are delivering engaging online learning for healthcare professionals in the field of scoliosis and spinal conditions. Our target audience is the healthcare community, but we have found that many families and patients want to learn so they can make informed decisions. Our certified teachers and practitioners include the world’s foremost authorities in their respective fields.

The Scoliosis Experience Podcast

Each person with scoliosis has a different experience. We created this podcast to share those experiences and help others have hope in managing this diagnosis. We will explore the many treatments for scoliosis from both the viewpoint of the patient and the practitioner.

Scoliosis Spine Surgeon Interviews with Dr. Derek Lee

Scoliosis Spine Surgeon Interviews includes extended discussions with the top scoliosis surgeons, researchers, orthotists and therapists from around the world. These interviews were inspired by my son's scoliosis journey from diagnosis to bracing, physiotherapy, chiropractic and ultimately to vertebral body tethering.

Financial Assistance

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation

UHCCF’s mission is to significantly enhance the clinical condition or quality of life of children covered under a commercial health insurance plan and are 16 years old or younger living in the United States.

HealthWell Foundation

When health insurance is not enough, we’re here to help — with copays, premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for supplies, supplements, surgeries and more. We offer financial assistance through a number of Disease Funds with new funds opening every year, so you can get the care you need.

Mercy Medical Angels

Mercy Medical Angels’ mission is to ensure that no one in need is denied medical care because they don’t have transportation.

The Children's Scoliosis Foundation

The Children's Scoliosis Foundation is a patient and family led nonprofit that is dedicated to providing support to families, promoting awareness, and advancing the science of scoliosis detection, treatment and prevention. Financial aid grants of up to $500 per trip ($750 for international travel) are available to help support children and their families who are traveling long distances for bracing or surgical treatment for scoliosis.

Brace for Impact

The Brace For Impact initiative funds scoliosis braces for children and teens unable to afford their treatment.  Brace For Impact contributes funds directly to scoliosis treatment centers who in turn provide braces to their uninsured in-need patients.


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