June 20, 2018

About Us

About Us

Scolios-us, LLC, is a web-based platform intended to empower patients with the tools and resources they need to be successful along their scoliosis journey.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to guide scoliosis kids and teens by giving them an authentic look into scoliosis treatment. Instead of feeling like an exception, we strive to help scoliosis kids and teens feel included and welcomed into the Scolios-us community, creating a social support network with the common goals of coping and thriving with scoliosis.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap between scoliosis healthcare providers and patients. We are committed to advocating for holistic scoliosis treatment.

Meet Our Team

Megan Glahn, CPO

Megan founded Scolios-us in 2016 while working on her Master’s Degree at Baylor College of Medicine. She now works as Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist and has specialized in scoliosis bracing. As the founder of Scolios-us, she has had the opportunity to present Scolios-us research at national and international conferences.

Rosemary Marchese, PT

Rosemary is a physiotherapist with twenty years of experience in physiotherapy, fitness consulting, and training. She has a passion for the physical treatment of scoliosis and is certified in the BSPTS Schroth Method and in SEAS. She joined the Scolios-us Team as our Exercise and Physical Therapy Consultant.


You are at the heart and soul of Scolios-us. Our mission is to guide YOU through treatment by giving you an authentic look into scoliosis bracing and surgery. Instead of feeling like an exception, we strive to help you feel included, creating a social support network with the common goals of coping and thriving with scoliosis.

Scolios-us Research

The goals of Scolios-us research include determining its helpfulness and usefulness for patients and validating it as an effective clinical tool to help bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. Our pilot study was completed in 2018. Scolios-us Founder, Megan Glahn, CPO, presented this study at the 2019 SOSORT and 2019 ACPOC meetings. Below is the presentation she gave at the SOSORT International Meeting.

How Did Scolios-us Start?

My name is Megan Glahn, and I am the creator of Scolios-us, LLC. I earned my Master’s degree from Baylor College of Medicine’s Orthotics and Prosthetics program. I now work as a Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist and have specialized in scoliosis bracing. Of all of the topics we have learned about in school, scoliosis bracing was one of my favorites, which led me to start Scolios-us.

For six years, I have coached competitive gymnastics to girls from ages 6 to 16. I’ve watched these girls go through all of the struggles that come with growing up. Growing up is already hard enough without having to wear a big scoliosis brace all the time. Add a brace, and it’s a whole new ball game. With the brace, scoli kids and teenagers have to transition both physically and socially. Their bodies have to adjust to this new brace, but I believe the social transition is even more difficult.

During adolescence, fitting in and belonging are of the utmost importance, and a scoliosis brace can often make this difficult. This can cause patients to wear their brace less than they should. Research has shown that hours spent wearing the brace greatly affects how well bracing works. The more hours wearing the brace, the better bracing works. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true – the fewer hours spent in the brace, the less effective the bracing.  The reasoning behind Scolios-us is that empowering scoli patients with the tools and resources they need will make them successful brace-wearers, leading to increased wear-time and more effective bracing.

The goal of Scolios-us is to support and empower scoli patients as they become scoli bracers. We want these kids and teens to feel comfortable and confident wearing their brace and to feel supported along their scoliosis journey. As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” With Scolios-us, we are bracing for scoliosis TOGETHER!

Want to get involved with Scolios-us?

There are lots of ways that you can get involved with Scolios-us.

  • Write a blog post – If you like to write and want to share your experience with scoliosis and with bracing, you can write a blog post for to be featured on the website. All you have to do is email [email protected] with what you’ve come up with!
  • Become an official Scolios-us Bracing Mentor – Becoming a mentor is a great way to connect with other bracers just like you.
  • Write a testimonial – If you’re loving Scolios-us and want to say how great it is, you can be featured in the Testimonials section of the website! Just email [email protected] with what you’ve come up with!
  • Give us feedback – We know that Scolios-us is not perfect, so we want to hear your feedback about how we can make it better. Email bracingf[email protected] and tell us what you think. Together, we can work on making Scolios-us even better.



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2nd Edition Scolios-us Brace Journals are now available! Start journaling and planning today!

2nd Edition Scolios-us Brace Journals are now available! Start journaling and planning today!